16 January, 2012

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For Sam

at night, the land and the sky are indistinguishable –
                                                                                               imagine that!

but today also has been one of languor

               (scarecrow lines of worry on your face, walking unsighted down
the garden path it is only face-to-face with the glass
                                    that I see in fact that it is,
                                                                            that is to say,
                                                     that you are, so
                                                                                     to speak, me)

               Still, on a day still weighing heavy on the heart,

                              I have the way your small fists
                                                                 shake the water

                                    the way you are under
                                    the sky, as
                                                                      though it were
                                    the most natural thing

                                                      & so shut the day
                                                                   the heart’s clammy
                                                              doors are shut

                                                                                    you are home:

                I miss you, even when I am with you.



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