By Harvard Bridge (Boston), 27 March, 2012

Wednesday May 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

what can we intuit from this?
the water, clear as your head
carry the sun’s blond reflections,
sharp as eyes
perhaps this feeling then, is one
of feeling seen
here and now,
no longer rendered invisible
by our impossible thirst, quenched
instead by the river’s swollen distance

we walk the sinewy track
clutched at by our own moons
the grammar, and shape of silence
carried over on the tide
black mirrors made on the
wind’s furrowed surface, where
the land turns out, unseen
a place of increase
squandered finally
in slow music

if the noon is empty, it is not
for want of trying, loss
and its casual balance reminds
us we are tidal creatures
untutored, not lost
but gathered in repetition –
there is a nobility in the way
your eyes dart from the

and likewise,
in the way you broach the challenge
of your own resilience
high above,
the water table mounts
oceans begin under your feet
the limits of the sun’s promise
are exposed
glass city, magnify the sun’s
electric, grey heart

(completed May 9, 2012)

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