Sidewalk, 14 May, 2012

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The inspiration for this poem is here:


you feel you could hear already
the drawl of the sunrise
a louche headwind
a licking of the lips

at which
some small-gained agony
scrolls away, dissipates
like the sweat collected between the
bed sheets

the things that
hurt, hurt
and the things that don’t
aren’t much better

she canters; to
the bathroom
candid as the sun, &
heavy in the right places
(not in the heart) 

evading streaks
of light on the carpet
canny, like a
wild animal

exotic as a gazelle
in pyjamas

then like the morning
a drop of the shoulder
a kink
of flesh, and she has lost

purple heart burns, on the sidewalk

while on the clapboard, the
acid light of sunrise
perpendicular to her
mind, which is on
other things

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