18-19 October, 2012

Friday October 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

                 Start from the day’s glacier,
                 wind up inside of what

                 was blank. Walk your
                 equator like a tightrope,
                 into the white entertainment,
                 sodium glare of dawn
                 stored in your surfaces,
                 what will be beyond you by
                 sundown, inside your rigour,

                 inside the jealous zero
                 of your expiry. And water.
                 Slack with current & sunset,
                 & the shy quarantine of
                 evening’s lightless moments,
                 the dumb mirror. Multitudes
                 contain you. A heart,
                 proud equinox slurred,
                 what else, without you
                 is certain. Silence builds
                 like a fire, wrinkling 
                 the warped skin of
                 your composure. Night,
                 scorched furlongs of ocean
                 freeze to bind your romance
                 to the stars. Stolen love,
                 the heart’s brief asylum
                 unlearned. Certainty melts
                 away like the crisp waves
                 hailing the weather. Dawn
                 showers light the ocean,
                 & signal your reprieve, for
                 another day, even as it
                 returns you, without favour,
                 to what you are not.

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