Atlantic Weather (23 November, 2012)

Saturday December 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

If the morning is a success, it is only because of a
less than calculated downgrading of risk, & its
attendant factors, a stolid reckoning stubbornly
suborned out of the little cramped sunshine there is,
taut and striped along the building edges, a bluesy
rendition of Atlantic weather that by lunch is
orchestral. High music and low science converge in
the vapour trails, the day’s panicked accents
relenting in the encyclopaedic phrase they contain.
We are counting on a certain grace, untested in un-
certain times, and we refuse to be surprised. What is
left out of such calculations, the unrewarded
moment, surely less than its parts, that would leave
you, like the gyres of steam looping from the
passing train, slack with wonder, if you’d allow it.
Practicality is the only alibi worth the candle.

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