Blue darkness of dusk (22 November, 2012)

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Blue darkness of dusk crowds
the junction; what would pass
for frost migrates one palm at a
time, and describes an inability
to inhabit, fully, time, as from the
right a lorry explodes in its tracks,
a reminder of the heat lost in the
transaction, & its refinement, & the
sacred quality of your hands upon
the wheel is deliberated upon, &
scattered in approximation of loss.
Later, you are thinking only of the
green thirst of morning, I can tell,
garbage, & the glib diner, anchored
in the future in passive laughter.
You ought to be more daunted, not
substitute your pale dreams of transport.
The whole circuit is narrowed by
rising finance, what we might call the
price of doing business, laundered
against a backdrop, and the entire
scene gerrymandered by the theory
of reach, whose patrons are left outside
of the light that fills your return.
Why always the need to apprehend –
there are worse things. Driving home
your exit is less a brink, than a limit,
an enticement you are generous enough
to resile from. The great difference being
that only one can be thought a last resort,
& properly, this situation calls for neither.

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