Prologue (4-5 May, 2006)

Saturday December 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

the indelicate balance is disturbed, riotously;
            shorthand for the first hot day of the year
uncalm, and intemperate

                        a slow move back to normality begun then
the old grievances untangled from the new
promises seen in their proper proportion

distances measured by how far you can move
in a day

              reclining gracelessly on the First Great Western
Service into Didcot station.


‘I am sick, because I have given myself away.’
– D H Lawrence

I am sure this life is no good for me, the
insidious neglect, encouraged by our providers
no thin socialist dream this, only observation –

look at me, cold beer resting on the stoop,
trying to prove a negative…


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