I’m a City Boy at Heart

Thursday March 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

For Gurdeep Mattu (and after John James)

a little ancilliary light
is admitted, and
reminds you that memories are physical before they are

the city is a heart
shaded, and diffuse
jittery with sangfroid, a blip

of hindrance anticipated in the
monochrome sunset
chequered now with
the sugar lights of taxi cabs

sweet loss billows across
     the fleshy spaces
the human moment refined
     out of existence
and not soon enough

4 March, 2013

Monday March 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

View from Office Window

excited by the sheer blank
verdict of the wall
a sparkle
of toil
& the flat low
what can you hear inside of
such illumination
the noise of light
rendered without ambiguation

thinking only this morning that
poems should end w/out congratulation
here is a wall to deliver
you from such temptation
that fills your aspect


Monday March 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

coal-dark sunrise
                             close print of wings
            frantic branches
                                       a crease of eyes
                                      between cross –winds
the lick of earth                     
                                        a splash against
     a smokeless
                                                how you are never
quite without a precedent
                                    Greek rain
             with learning

                                                   the forever altitude
                                            of holy fear
                                                      & safety imagined in
                                      untraveled distances
                                              the drowned stalemate
                                                        sightless            blameless
                                                              needles of light
                                                                                 escape their
                                               cover, like you
                                         they would not start from here

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