Letters to JG

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Letters to JG

Can I write to you now?
Can I take the risk?
Can I take the risk either way?

i) New Year

Is it the way you rest a hand
Against your cheek? The wilful checking
Of a natural exuberance maybe, or is it something
More sombre, more true?

The premature morning light, caught here
Between the slats of the blind is certainly
Unforgiving, and you look tired.

Behind us, the room offers a summary of all
Our past departures, the casual reminiscences
Caught in all three dimensions, and how.

The shade considers us in more or less the same
Ways it always has; the generous lifting of
Some burden. This morning finds you much as it finds me:
that’s something, after all.

ii) On Briggate

Some change alright: the chalky acceptance of
The North. Another fiction. Entirely blotted out
By the snow, hesitant on the window ledge.

I received your letter. The sky is my answer,
However it finds you. Whether absent and without
Alternatives, or calm, tracking your quarry

Along Briggate your inky footsteps make a line
between us. How you make a virtue of your ephemera.

iii) At Your Place

I was never convinced by the limits you imposed
On yourself. Look at you now:

             The way you reach for a plum, resting a stockinged foot
                                      On the coffee table.

                          The way you answer the telephone.

Our secrets are temporary, we can concede that much.

iv) Who Loves You Baby?

Once, I thought I did.
Now I realise that I only
thought I did.

The difference
could not be
more, or
less, stark.

It is what
it is.

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